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Inclusive mobility

Inclusive mobility

TMB has a Global Project for inclusion and against sexual harassment on public transport.

This covers the following five areas:

  • Disability perspective
  • Origin or cultural perspective
  • Gender perspective
  • Generational perspective
  • Sexual diversity and gender identity perspective


Social responsibility

TMB's social responsibility policies are an international example in the fight against sexual aggression and LGTBI-phobia. This was clearly demonstrated by the award the company recently received from the International Transport Union (UITP) in the area of diversity, inclusion and gender equality, for its Global Project for inclusion and against sexual harassment in public transport.



Gender perspective

One of this project's objectives is to include the gender perspective within the organisation as a public transport company. TMB has deployed equality plans for the legal representation of staff, the promotion of female talent and the incorporation of women into the organisation at all levels and in all types of jobs.


Prevention of gender-based harassment and LGTBI-phobia

TMB has also developed and is implementing protocols against gender-based harassment and LGTBI-phobia for TMB network users.


The measures we have taken to ensure an inclusive service include the installation of cameras with real-time transmission on all trains in the metro network by 2025, and improved lighting in our facilities. All buses will also have online video surveillance through a project that is already underway.