What do we do?


TMB contributes to a sustainable city model through its multimodal transport offer and the decarbonisation of its activity. 59% of journeys in TMB's area of influence are made on the transport network operated by TMB in Barcelona.



For TMB, moving towards a sustainable fleet is an important step in the fight against climate change. This objective is included in its 2025 Strategic Plan, which envisages the incorporation of 410 clean energy buses. 


TMB's objectives in terms of electric mobility

TMB is working hard to achieve an efficient and economically sustainable electricity supply model. This is essential for complying with the emerging regulations, which are currently in the transition phase.

TMB is committed to using the metro's electric infrastructure at additional times (night-time recharging) and harnessing this energy.

In their 15 years of service life, electric buses achieve significant reductions compared to diesel buses: 1 t of CO2, 540 kg of NOx and 6 kg of PM.


Key measures in the Bus Fleet Electrification Plan

  • Acquisition of 210 electric buses of different types (midi, standard, bendy, double decker) in the period 2021- 2024
  • Acquisition of 120 electric vehicles to renew the auxiliary fleet (passenger cars, vans, mobile workshops)
  • Creation of the electric bus charging infrastructure and power and energy supply infrastructure
  • Management and optimisation of charging processes and energy consumption
  • Use of the metro's electrical infrastructure at additional times (night-time charges)
  • High voltage power supply and electrification of 3 depots
  • On-street chargers for opportunistic charging on certain lines (H16, H12, V15)