What do we do?


TMB contributes to a sustainable city model through its multimodal transport offer and the decarbonisation of its activity. 59% of journeys in TMB's area of influence are made on the transport network operated by TMB in Barcelona.

Green hydrogen

Green hydrogen

In 2022, TMB incorporated the first 8 hydrogen buses into its fleet.


TMB's first hydrogen buses

TMB is strongly committed to hydrogen buses, and it plans to acquire 46 vehicles of this type by 2025. In this way we are diversifying our renewable energy sources.

The eight buses TMB has purchased are the H2 City Gold LHD model from Caetano Bus. These are 12 metres long, and their technological core is the 60-kilowatt fuel cell from the Japanese firm Toyota. The engine and electronics are by Siemens.

The manufacturer estimates a daily consumption of 20 kg of hydrogen and a range of 300 km.


The hydrogen station

TMB launched a public tender for the creation of the infrastructure needed to supply hydrogen to its buses. The successful bidder was Iberdrola, who created the first public plant in Spain to supply green hydrogen. 

In the first phase, each year it will supply 51 tonnes of green hydrogen from renewable sources to TMB buses, and will also provide a service for other companies in the area. The current infrastructure can supply more than a hundred buses

This is the first time this type of renewable energy vector has been generated in Spain for commercial use and with fleet capacity, making TMB and Iberdrola pioneers in the decarbonisation of heavy urban mobility.


Why green hydrogen?

  • It allows TMB to position itself as a technological leader.
  • It offers society experience in sustainable mobility.
  • Hydrogen is a technically viable solution that will become even more competitive in the coming years.
  • It provides a solution to the weight, autonomy and charging time limitations of electric buses.
  • It means a significant reduction in battery weight.