Modos de transporte

What do we do?

Modes of transport

TMB as a global operator



TMB is an operator of conventional and automatic transport lines and has extensive experience in the design, implementation and operation of lines on all continents.


The Barcelona metro network consists of 8 lines plus the Montjuïc funicular. In total, it comprises 125.4 kilometers of network and 165 stations. Of these lines, 5 are conventional and 3 are automatic.


With an extensive service schedule, the TMB metro network is currently used by more than 278.24 million passengers a year, 39% of all passengers in the region.


45% of the Barcelona metro network uses automatic trains.


For TMB it is crucial to use technology to achieve maximum safety, increased flexibility, greater reliability, improved efficiency, more information and a personalised service.


TMB is committed to providing comprehensive safety in the provision of the service. This is based on:

  • The safety of people and facilities
  • Traffic safety
  • Workforce safety

Start-up and subsequent operation of the Panama Metro, lines 1 and 2

Technical support in various fields for the start-up and initial supervision of operations in various railway systems.

Metro Panamá

This technical support work includes, among other things, the reception of rolling stock; dynamic tests with the fleet of mobile units in all test phases (from the earliest to dry runs); the preparation of the standards, regulations and certifications required for the entry into service of a collective public transport system; the training of personnel involved in the operation of the system, and so on.

The Panamanian government set up the Secretaría de Metros de Panamá, with the status of a ministry, to initiate the construction of the first metro line in Panama City. TMB's responsibilities within the consortium:

To supervise and prepare the new line's operations

  • Recruitment of operational and middle management staff 
  • Training of all operational staff (train drivers, control centre, middle management, operations and maintenance managers, etc.)

To supervise, from the operator's perspective, of construction site projects.

To ensure the quality of rolling stock delivered to Panama Metro.

  • Monitoring of production in the factory
  • Reception and start-up of trains in Panama
  • Validation tests

Preparation and management of facilities, processes and people.