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Modes of transport

TMB as a global operator



TMB has experience in the design and implementation of bus fleets.


The Barcelona bus network comprises 106 lines which, with more than 1,100 vehicles, cover a total distance of 839.21 km. The bus network is structured into diagonal, vertical and horizontal sections, together with a fourth block of numbered lines. This network serves Barcelona and 10 municipalities within the metropolitan area.


TMB's commitment to sustainability and improving air quality is reflected in the fact that it has the cleanest bus fleet in Europe. One of TMB's strategic objectives is to switch to green energy in its bus network, placing it at the forefront in this area.


Between 2021 and 2025 it will incorporate 508 renewable technology buses, of which 223 will be electric and 46 hydrogen-powered. In addition to the substantial investment it is making in electric bus charging infrastructure, TMB has driven forward the construction and commissioning of a hydrogen station open to the public.


TMB, as well as wanting to become a European benchmark in terms of mobility management, also wants to be a leader when it comes to social responsibility.

Support related to the tender documents for renewing the operator in City of Buenos Aires

Advisory services and preparation of requirements, conditions, clauses and other technical and financial elements related to the acquisition of goods or services.

Bus Buenos Aires

SBASE is a state-owned company belonging to the Government of the City of Buenos Aires, which owns the entire underground network in Buenos Aires and is responsible for its operation. If a concession is granted, it is the controlling body and also plans and executes any network extension work.

In 2017, SBASE contracted TMB for technical assistance with the tendering process to award the concession for the operation and maintenance of the metro in a national and international public bidding process.

TMB was involved in defining the tender strategy, proposing, specifying and agreeing the parameters for evaluating the bids, promoting competition and proposing clauses to ensure safe operation, as well as supervising the financial aspects.

Subsequently, TMB advised on the analysis of the bids received.