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Modes of transport

TMB as a global operator



TMB is part of the TRAM public transport business group, which operates Barcelona's tram systems.


The TRAM system comprises two networks, each with three lines, with a dedicated platform and connected to the city's urban transport network via various interchanges. On the one hand, is the Diagonal - Baix Llobregat tram, known as the Trambaix, and on the other is the Sant Martí - Besòs tram, known as the Trambesòs.


The Barcelona tram network, which is currently being extended, has 6 lines, 41 vehicles and 56 stops, and covers a distance of  29.22 kilometres. To facilitate access for people with reduced mobility, the floors of the tram units are lowered.


TMB has also participated in tram projects in several cities, including Seville and Zaragoza, providing technical support services for their start-up and operation. 

Technical support for operating the 18 km and 22 stations of the Seville Metro

TMB provided technical support to the Junta de Andalucía in terms of operational control of the city's first metro line.

Metro Sevilla

Line 1 is a metropolitan railway with light rail characteristics. Its 18-kilometre-long route is 60% underground, with some sections running on the surface, utilising exclusive or segregated platforms, with a total of 22 stations.

The construction works were carried out in two phases: the first involved the collection and analysis of data to redesign the operational project and the second involved the control and supervision of the project.