Modos de transporte

What do we do?

Modes of transport

TMB as a global operator

Mobilité personnelle

Personal mobility

TMB is entrusted with managing the bicycle sharing system in the Área Metropolitana de Barcelona (Ambici), which provides first and last mile coverage with public transport.


The project will provide up to 2,600 electric bicycles in 236 parking stations, and will integrate with the city's public transport system to facilitate intermodality with other means of transport, such as the bus service, Bus Metropolitano, the metro, tram and railway, among others.


The metropolitan public bicycle service improves capillarity with the Área Metropolitana de Barcelona transport network.


It organises the different transport nodes, improving intermodality and creating quality public spaces for passenger transfer between the different axes. The main features of the service are:

  • 100% electric bicycles
  • Modular stations with fixed anchorage 
  • Recharging takes place at the stations themselves
  • The access system comprises various methods such as optical reading via a mobile app 
  • Maintenance and logistics designed to keep the equipment working optimally and rebalancing supply and demand at the stations