What do we do?

Digital solutions-applied technology

TMB is a benchmark company in the field of technology applied to mobility. Optimal public transport operation is achieved thanks to continuous innovation and the efficient management of the advanced technological systems it has at its disposal.


Digitalisation, automation, sensorisation

Smart Motors - Davana

TMB is currently a major user of new digitalisation apps. Since 2014 TMB has been a shareholder in Smart Motors (Thinking Forward XXI SL), the company that created the DAVANA digitalisation platform.


The solutions portfolio applies new technologies to generate added value by monitoring different critical assets and improving operation and fault management.


  • Through the use of sensors, we achieve exhaustive real-time control of the state of the railway machinery and its facilities.
  • Integration of technological developments to improve our services and decision making
  • The DAVANA platform facilitates preventive maintenance work and reduces reaction time in the event of a breakdown
  • This technology provides increased safety, accurate, real-time information and digitalisation with a flexible, scalable and integrative platform


  • Monitoring and control of various elements in the field of signalling (electrical parameters, track circuit, signal fading, etc.)
  • Monitoring of infrastructure elements, such as automatic track auscultation and rail wear, on-board vertical acceleration measurements, rail temperature measurements, with fixed and on-board sensors, measurement of track opening, thermal conditions in tunnels, bridge monitoring, viaduct environmental conditions, and so on
  • Digitalisation of the rolling stock fleet
  • Geolocation, automatic maintenance planner, condition analysis of various elements
  • Operation: people counting, comfort monitoring, real-time digital twin of driver's console
  • Passenger information



  • Technologies such as artificial intelligence, IoT Analytics and 5G help sensor development and their communication with the platform created, for full digitalisation of the train service.
  • This technology, together with effective use of Big Data, makes it possible to have all the necessary data available in real time, to channel it and rationalise it, with the aim of achieving the utmost service excellence and efficiency.