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TMB is a benchmark company in the field of technology applied to mobility. Optimal public transport operation is achieved thanks to continuous innovation and the efficient management of the advanced technological systems it has at its disposal.

Big data analysis

Big Data Analysis

Counterest - Pulse

The system developed by COUNTEREST (PULSE) allows the real-time detection of passenger volumes on platforms, in lobbies, inside trains, and so on, based on the use of closed-circuit television (CCTV) images and Deep Learning, a subset of Artificial Intelligence techniques.

With occupancy data, operations managers can take immediate corrective action and plan future services.


  • The cameras located on platforms, in corridors, vestibules and carriages make it possible to analyse user behaviour, peak times, trajectories, and so on. The data is reliable and allows the desired information to be organised efficiently
  • The system allows changes to be made on the fly to adapt it better to the requirements or to apply it to new uses (tracking)
  • The DAVANA platform facilitates preventive maintenance work and reduces reaction time in the event of a breakdown
  • COUNTEREST PULSE is designed with a scalable modular architecture that allows rapid implementation in new locations and customisation of the desired monitoring type


  • Application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to video surveillance systems to provide valuable information for business decision making: people counting, fleet operation and planning, queue management, etc.
  • This data enables the offer to be planned according to passenger forecasts or to be adapted according to real-time traffic flow
  • The data allows decisions to be made in real time and short, medium and long-term projections can be made quickly and easily to anticipate any situation


System installed in stations on lines L1 and L5 of the Barcelona Metro: 150 platforms and concourses and 50 trains