Public transport Béziers community



The public transport network in this urban area in the south of France, including 60 vehicles, serves 125,000 inhabitants. The contract began on 1 January 2019 and is expected to run for 10 years.

During the tendering process, in which major European companies participated, the Vectalia/TMB proposal stood out because of its innovative approach to public transport:

  • Commitment to the energy transition, including the purchase of 33 natural gas buses, based on TMB's experience of operating in a large city with more than 400 vehicles that run on this fuel.
  • Creation of a new commercial image involving a change of visual identity and the implementation of new information and customer service systems, such as a new commercial office in the city centre, a new travel information point, a new website, an online shop and a mobile application with the possibility of validating tickets by phone.
  • A new financial strategy based on a new range of prices to boost customer loyalty: a fare review exercise aimed at increasing customer loyalty, with a special focus on the most disadvantaged social groups with adapted fares.


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